Tal cual es lo que leo en Radio.com 'Los Who podrían estar grabando un nuevo álbum', lo que se desprende también en la entrevista que Roger Daltrey ha dado en Rolling Stone y en la que cuenta que su compañero Pete Towshend quiere grabar un nuevo álbum y que ya ha escuchado dos de las canciones que el guitarrista ha compuesto, 

'You have 54 shows on the books this year. Will the tour go beyond that?If people want to add shows and we still feel great, then it will go for a while longer, but not that much longer. It might last two years. I also know that Pete wants to make another record.'

'What's the status of that?He's just talking about it. I've heard a couple of tracks, which are great. There are loads of things we can do in the future, but we can't keep doing this sort of tour. This bit of our career is closed, but maybe two more doors open up. Pete is an incredibly vibrant musician. I could see us playing acoustically in some ways.'

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