Willie Williams, cerebro desde hace 35 años del diseño de los escenarios de U2 da algunas pinceladas sobre como podría ser el nuevo espectáculo.

Una de las preguntas que nos hacemos muchos estos días es la de cómo será el escenario de la gira The Joshua Tree, que U2 arrancará este próximo mes de mayo.
Quién más información puede aportar es, sin duda, el artífice de montajes como la gira Zoo TV de 1992-93, la de PopMart de 1997, Elevation Tour de 2001, Vertigo Tour de 2005-2006 o el tremendo escenario de su gira U2 360º de 2009. 
Willie no es que dé muchos datos acerca del escenario pero ante la inevitable comparación de la gira The Joshua Tree de 1987, lo que nos imaginamos es que será bastante minimalista aunque Willie Williams insinúa que quizás no lo sea tanto.

It's playing in stadiums. Will the staging be similar to the Joshua Tree tour of 1987 or will it be totally different?Well, yes and no. We looked at the original staging, which is hilariously minimal. We used to call it maximal minimalism. Certainly for Europe, there was no reinforcement video for stadiums at all. At some of the largest stadiums in the U.S. we started putting up screens, but only behind the mix position, so only the back half of the stadium got camera images. It was amazing how music, just the music, filled those stadiums. Now, of course, production expectations are stratospherically higher than they were 30 years ago. But we looked at the original staging and it was real cute. I was quite drawn to the idea of just looking at the traditional festival stage, which is what that was, basically a box with PA on either side, and saying, "What can you do with this? This is the most outdated idea for touring imaginable, but through U2's eyes can we do something interesting with it?"

Otro punto que despierta nuestra curiosidad es saber cómo se va a solucionar el hecho de encajar un álbum que dura una hora en un concierto de dos horas de duración.
Aquí Willie Williams no nos aporta nada en concreto. Dice que es un tema hablado y decidido con la banda pero que aún no puede revelar.

Also, we're aware the album is only an hour long and the show needs to be longer than that, so how do you place it in the show? How do you make it work? Do you play it continuously? Do you disperse it with other works? All those things are still being decided, really, to be honest. But the overriding idea was there from the beginning. That was very, very helpful. What I didn't expect was the excitement of knowing you're onto something great has been there since Day One, since normally there's a big wilderness period when you're deciding a show and you're trying to figure out what it is you're doing. Yeah, so everyone is very excited. It takes very little imagination to turn this into something that can be great.

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